Potential Abuser Survey

International studies have found that there is a substantial link between certain behaviours, historical family issues, poor mental health and the potential to be an abuser.

The following survey draws on these studies and personal experience to determine the potential of someone you have just met, of being an abusive person and our susceptibility to being abused.

We all have the potential for great violence, we all have the potential for great love and peace. There is however, a pre-disposition towards the need for power and control which precedes domestic violence.

Having experienced psychological, financial, sexual and physical assault from a multiple relationships, people who claimed to be my soul mate, I sought to make sense of the red flags that didn’t make sense at the time.

With the input of over 5000 men and woman in hetero and homosexual, domestic relationships, this survey draws on their wealth of knowledge. Their hindsight will be our foresight.

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Potential Abuser Survey
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