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What is Skip Tracing?

Why would you use a skip tracer?

Skip tracing refers to the ability to track down a loved one, potential employee, debtor, or fugitive.

Generally they will use specialised databases, combined with social media, and sometimes a physical field visit to an address to ascertain facts about a person.


What do we do

In this day and age, the use of modern technology has made the task easier in some regards, and counter productive in others.

Twenty years ago, agents who conducted skip searched relied on telephone directories and cross referencing with other agents in the field. Today, the use of online databases, including social media, has allowed agents to identify debtors, narrow down their whereabouts and identify potential avenues of pursuing legal action, should that be the requirement.

Twenty years ago, the industry was very loosely regulated, which allowed dubious practices  to track down a person. These methods are now frowned upon by regulatory bodies, such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Security and Exchange Commission (ASIC). The industry is highly regulated and agents are bound by the legislation and guidelines that these agencies produce.

Tracking down a debtor, relies upon resourceful agents utilising multiple avenues of investigation. The guidelines ensure a high level of integrity and professionalism is maintained whilst the trace is being conducted. The online world holds a wealth of data, and the skill of the agent to interpret and cross reference the data to ensure viable information is passed onto clients is imperative.


Who uses our services?

Creditors are not the only clients utilising the skills of a talented skip tracer. As trust become a valuable commodity, so does the capability of a skilled skip tracer to find any gaps in a person's story.

Human Resource departments are now outsourcing the task of reference checking potential employees, while spouses are checking the potential infidelities of their other halves. Concerned parents have used the services to check in on their wayward teens.

Landlords can use our field services to check on their private rentals and a skip search to ascertain credit history, court cases and dubious activity on social media.

The information garnered from a skip search can include;

  • Property ownership
  • Current whereabouts
  • Social media activity
  • Tenancy arrangements 
  • Reference checks
  • Current employment status
  • Specific creditor information

A skip search can involve a field call, which is a very valuable tool in ascertaining verifiable facts about a debtor.  A highly trained agent can visit the last known address and attempt to reach the person directly or ascertain from neighbors where they may have moved to.

Our agents are always obliged to conduct themselves in professional manner and ensure that they comply with the guidelines set out by ASIC and ACCC  which can be found here.

Find out the facts

If you are unsure about a person and you have a vested interest in the outcome of their honesty, wouldn't you do a little more research?

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